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I am now accepting submissions for my publishing house. Just leave a comment with questions about the submission process or send me a private note right on DeviantArt (notes preferred). After we have made contact on Deviant, I will lead you through the next steps in the submission process.

Looking for:
Fiction (General, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, etc.)
Non-Fiction (Travel, Memoir, etc.)
Teen Fiction
Children's Fiction (Chapter books and picture books)
Poetry Collections
Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Our focus is to be eventually working to publish works in a wide variety of genres and age groups. This is the reason as to why I am taking submissions for such a wide number of things. Don't be afraid to submit, we're open to all kinds of work!

First publication will be a comic book focused magazine that will see a scheduled release every six months. Also taking submissions for issues 1 and 2 of this magazine. Issue 1 will have a May/June release in digital format and a possible small print run. The comic book submissions for this magazine can be no longer than 15 pages.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all!

Company Logo By: Zak Hartong
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Story Time~

Want To Write Some Stories, Need Help Editing It? Come And Write/Link It To My Profile! <3

Glad To Help



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Hello! I am new here and would love to collaborate with someone in order to write a fantasy based story, i don't know how this works but i hope if anyone is interested then please hit me up (:
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Full folder? Then I'll post in the comments. It's the admin's job to keep folders from being full, so if that job isn't being met, neither will the one where the member is supposed to submit to said folders.

Best Friends, and Benefits 1Chapter 1

You hear that saying around often....or at least I'm pretty sure you have. "Friends with benefits." Right? You've heard of it, right? Well, here's your cliche friends with benefits story.
I've been close to Jason, a.k.a. my best friend, since the day I was born. Well, hypothetically speaking that is. And the two of us are great, but somewhere along the way, something sort of got a little messed up, if you get what I mean.
"Yo Chase!" Jason's voice came to my right. He was coming up to me in a jog. His hair was patted down by a grey beanie, his shirt dark V-necked and long sleeves. His pants were hanging a little low, showing off his ridiculous underwear. 
"Huh-what?" I swiveled around on my heel and looked to him with an inquisitive expression. Jason slung an arm over my shoulder and started us walking, hanging on me. Honestly it was aggravating.
"Okay so Trisha's having her friends over." I gave a nod.
"I don't know what that's supposed to mean for me but okay."
  Best Friends, and Benefits 2Chapter 2

I laid down on my stomach and buried my face in the pillow. There was the weirdest, grossest sensation going through the lower part of my body. A cool finger pushed its way into my body. I raised my lip and grunted. "Ngh-" It feels so weird.
"You said I was like an animal, so you shouldn't hurt so much now...Yikes. What do I have to do, put a bottle up here?" I shrieked.
"Dear God no please no." My breath had picked up a little. "It feels weird so just get it over with." Jason leaned over me, his finger still where it was, and he put his mouth next to my ear. I shuddered and tensed my shoulder up.
"You do realize that I'm not forcing you to sleep with me....right?" I rolled my eyes.
"Yes idiot. I'd say no if I really didn't want to." He let out a breath next to my ear, which tickled. I laughed and swiped my hand over the place he'd blown on. "But seriously, just hurry up and put it in. It feels really weird wi
  Best Friends, and Benefits 3Chapter 3

"What do you think Balinda and Libby would do if they knew we were fooling around without telling them?" I asked. Jason was slung out over the couch, his feet hanging over the back and his head hanging over the seat cushion, nearly touching the floor. His hands were gently over his stomach. I was laying on my back on the floor, my head almost touching his.
"Well, considering Libby is quite the whore, she'd probably be fine with it." Said Jason. I rolled my eyes.
"Don't remind me of Libby. She's slept with the majority of the people at our school, even though she's home schooled. She's so freaking disgusting e_e." Jason scoffed.
"Speak for yourself, she's experienced. She knows what she's doing. Newbies always end up scratching the shit out of your dick with their teeth or don't do it right. It's frustrating as hell."
Looking at him for long enough, I started to burn holes in him. Or at least I could have sworn that's what I was doing. Asshole...
"...You're a pi
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Would anyone like to join the Phoenix Brotherhood? If any of you are interested and want to know more you can check out our FAQ. If you have any questions, be sure to ask us. 
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New to deviant art. I'm interested in joining and it quite sure on how to do that. I have a few great stories I'd like to post
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