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chapter 1 feara
Our names are Feara and Maria. I’m Feara. I’m 17 years old and I’m a girl. I’m also a demon but no one knows that I am. Anyway our story began not long ago. Maria was dragging me to a new bookstore “come on feara we’re going to be late.” Maria yelled with excitement “how can we be late it’s just down the street.” I said out of breath as she pulled me down the street and down the stairs to the lower shopping distracted  as we rushed down the stairs  I trip and I fell down at least 20 stairs and Maria thought i had almost died but I just stood up and exclaimed “ouch that hurt.” Maria freaked out “are you okay oh my god how are you not hurt!!.” I replied
“I’m fine come on that new book is out.” she was stilled freaked out and asked “how did you survive that?.” I replied looking away and trying not to be suspicion shrugging my shoulders “guess I’m just lucky.” Start to walk and she shrugged her shoulders and followed me to the bookstore as soon as we arrived she headed to get her new books. I walked to the manga and graphic novels section of the store and as I turned in the the section I bumped into someone. And I hit the floor I looked up and saw a pale and tall man. And I my favorite section.
“Hey can you move over, I need to get the new vampire crossed love graphic novel.”
I ask with anger in my voice. He turns and meets my gaze and I realize he is the writer of that exact graphic novel series Luke Cuther “sorry shorty, you want me to get the newest addition of my graphic novel.” He replied with a large grin. “who you calling shorty?!.” I yelled. I jumped over his head and got 4 books off the shelf at once “how’s that for a shorty?!.” I ask with a large grin on my face showing off. He bended down and whispers in my ear you’re not human are you?.” He asked my face goes red as a rose and I turn and “of course I am I’m just a very athletic person that’s all” I reply as it becomes awkward as I turned to face him once more I hear voices
“I saw the evil girl who beat up our boss come in here!.” I jump a little looking around the bookcase I see the blue fire rose gang I turn and he was gone I notice a note on one of the books I grabbed “I’ll see you around.” I go towards the checkout center when I hear the she is that witch they start to run toward me when one of them throw 3 knife at me but just as I close my eye I see a white light and I open my eye up to see Maria with a wooden stick that caught the knife but I only saw 2 in the stick as I look down I see blood I look back at her it was in her arm I freak and scream “are you alright?!.”
She grabs my arm “let’s go now!.” she yells as we run out of the bookstore she rips the knife that’s in her arm and throws it back at the gang but not without attaching a smoke bomb  to it shadowing our escape. We run to the apartment we were staying at and both fell on the floor exhsusted. I get back up and grab the first aid kit when I return a yellow light blind me she yells out “you might want to wait to come back in to the room I’m using holy heal.”  I wait a few minutes and come back in with first aid kit in hand. I look at her arm and the wound was gone I comment “well I guess the only thing we need is holy water” we both start laughing.
I walk to my room yelling “I’m going to be in my room doing my homework!.” She replies “okay let me know if you need me to help I already finished.” I close my door and start on my hour later I finished my homework and stare out the window of my bed room and reminous about when I first came to the surface in 1805 taking the place of a suicidal girl named Feara Albreak. I become sad and trying to ignore the overwhelming sadness I read my new manga’s and fell asleep.
The next day I wake up to Maria’s amazing breakfast. We finish up getting ready and I begin to think about how I’m about to turn 209 and how Maria thinks I’m 17 about to be 18 and I chuckle a little to myself. we start to walk down the street towards the school when I see a pale tall young man standing and waiting looking at his watch as we get closer I realize its Luke and he was awaiting for us. He walks right out in front of us and patting my head. When I look at his uniform and notice it was the same as ours. we finally get to the school gate and Maria stops me “feara you and your.” she pauses “guy friend.”
As she pulls out her bamboo sward form kendo club “I have some business to handle.” Luke pulls me as I see Maria walking in to the school gate hearing a guy’s voice yelling “hey you ready to finish this you witch!” Luke and I ran to the back of to the school. I stop in my traces I had forgotten that my best friend in the world was about to fight a gang all by herself. I went to turn around but Luke caught my arm and pulled me I gave him a dirty look and tried to pull my arm away. But I was able to loosen his grip and continued to pull my arm.
We finally get to the class room and I look out on the front gate area watching Maria face off with six gang members who had real knifes and swords they probably stole from their dads or a store. She kick three of their butts one of the other got a good punch in the face after Maria got hit she fell to the ground and got kicked repeatidly until me and Luke heard a commotion in the next class room. I stick my head out the window and I saw a young man jumped out of the second floor window when he landed on the ground. He look like he had sprang his ankle but he still ran at the gang members and beat the crap out of them.
A male teacher ran out and pulled Maria safely away and then tries to break up the fight but they just punched him in the face. I did the same thing as the guy who jumped out the window Luke followed and we fought the gang off the three conscious members and they dragged their buddies away. We carried Maria to the nurse’s office and other students pulled the male teacher into the nurse’s office as well. She was unconscious and put in the hospital for a month. When she got up. Me and Luke went to get her at home as soon as we got home she started on her homework and note from the teachers.
She’s a weird girl and a bit of a bad girl. I still wanted to know why she was fighting with people in that bad path but I didn’t feel like bothering her she looked tried and in a little pain so I went and got her pain killers and gave her one with a glass of water. She took her pill and went to bed and I went out and meet up with Luke and he had the guy who had helped Maria.  We went looking for the jerks that picked a fight with Maria and still lost. Luke had disappeared at school for a while turns out he was following the guys back to their hide out. i meet up with him and we busted through the door the leader stood up quick as he jumped up so did his gang pulling out weapons ready to fight.
I ran in head on and the Luke and  the other guy ran in after me. I went straight for the boss stopped by a part of twins I jumped back gaining distant to regroup and figure out how to get past them. They smiled as they pulled out swords and came towards me. I started towards them. As I went for one of them the guy who had helped Luna out got the other one we had our backs to each other and he spoke “I’m Shawn hunten by the way.” I look at him through the corner of my eye and realized he was the guy who had asked Maria out but failed cause he was to shy. He had asked her to meet him behind the school and tried to ask but fainted and Maria ended up taking him to the nurse and wasn’t able to even look her in the eye after that maybe he was ashamed.
That really wasn’t any of my business so we continued the fight was down to just the boss as they kept calling him. We had him to the wall and asked why they went after Maria and he replied “if I can’t have her as my right hand then she won’t be anyone’s anything.”  And he pulled out a smoke boam and throws it to the ground and he disappeared. We ran out and tried to regain our breath and we went back in after the smoke was gone and tied up all the gang members and called the police we watched from the street as they took them way.
I went back to the apartment and laid on the couch Maria came out of her room and got something to drink and went back in to her room I knocked on her door she said “come in.” and I walked in looking around at her room as usual she’s as clean as a hospital but at least she’s clean and not messy. We talked and she decide to go to school tomorrow and so I went out of her room and cleaned up a bit and went to bed.
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